mandag, mars 07, 2011

Kristisk vanningstidspunkt - Critical watering period

Critical watering period er tidspunkt i planters liv da det er mer viktig med tilgang på vann.
For grønnsaker er dette heldigvis veldokumentert.
Nyttig info for kjøkkenhagen og meg :)

Listen under har jeg stjålet herfra >

Critical Water Periods for Vegetables
You can target the timing and amount of water to add. As a rule of thumb, water is most critical during seed germination, the first few weeks of development, immediately after transplanting, and during flowering and fruit production. The critical watering periods for selected vegetables follow:

Asparagus needs water most critically during spear production and fern (foliage) development. Less water is needed after ferns reach full size.

Cole crops (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, Brussels sprouts, kale, and kohlrabi) need consistent moisture during their entire life span. The quality of cole crops is significantly reduced if the plants get dry anytime during the growing season. Water use is highest and most critical during head development.

Beans have the highest water use of any common garden vegetable. They use 0.25 to over 0.50 inch of water per day (depending on temperature and wind) during blossoming and fruit development. Blossoms drop with inadequate moisture levels and pods fail to fill. On hot, windy days, blossom drop is common. When moisture levels are adequate the bean plant is a bright, dark, grass-green. As plants experience water stress, leaf color takes on a slight grayish cast. Water is needed at this point to prevent blossom drop.

Carrot and other root crops require consistent moisture. Cracking, knobby and hot flavored root crops are symptoms of water stress.

Corn water demand peaks during tasseling, silking, and ear development. Water stress delays the silking period, but not tasseling. Under mild water stress the crop may tassel and shed pollen before silks on ears are ready for pollination. The lack of pollination may result in missing rows of kernels, reduced yields, or even eliminate ear production. Yield is directly related to quantities of water, nitrogen and spacing.

Lettuce and other leaf vegetables need water most critically during head (leaf) development. For quality produce these crops require a constant supply of moisture.

Onion family crops require consistent moisture and frequent irrigation due to their small, inefficient root system.

Peas need water most critically during pod filling.

Potato tubers will be knobby if they become overly dry during tuber development.

Tomato family (tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant) needs water most critically during flowering and fruiting. Blossom end rot (a black sunken area on the bottom of the fruit) is often a symptom of too much or too little water. The tomato family has a lower water requirement than many vegetables and plants are often over-watered in the typical home garden.

Vine crops: cucumbers, summer and winter squash, and assorted melons need water most critically during flowering and fruiting. Vine crops use less water than many vegetables and are often over-watered in the typical home garden.

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Mari Anne sa...

Det forklarer hvorfor det ikke blir noe av min kålavling. Da prøver jeg en gang til likevel.

Fies notiser sa...

Kjempenyttig! Legger meg dette på minnet og håper at det dukker opp i pannelappen når jeg trenger det som mest... Fortsatt fin kvinnedag! HS

Lin sa...

Takk begge to! :)

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